3D printing is still a rather custom process. Manual setup and expertise is required to adjust each and every part for things such as preferring strength over looks, handling overhangs, wall thickness, and many other considerations.

Here’s the basic cost info:

  1. Material
    • PLA – $0.15/gram
    • ABS/ASA, Nylon – Carbon Fiber – $0.20/gram
    • Flexible – $0.45/gram
    • Resin – $0.70/gram or $25/plate
  2. Printer time – $0.50/hour
  3. Special handling – $40/hour (pre/post processing time, support material removal, etc.)
  4. Minimum charges – $1/part, $5/job

If an item is simple to print and doesn’t require extra setup or cleanup, we don’t add any design or handling charges. Most post-processing charges (like support removal) can be avoided if you elect to do it yourself. We also love to give discounts for multiple copies of similar items.

Minimums are usually not an issue and are sometimes waved (especially for many similar small parts), but are stated here to avoid surprises.

Turnaround times are dependent upon what is in the queue at the time you place an order and of course, print time and quantity.

If you have digital files in .STL, .OBJ, .3MF, (etc.) format for the parts you want printed,¬†send them to us¬†along with as much explanation as possible (quantities, sizes, colors, etc.) and we’ll get you a quote. Because we can prioritize for strength, cost, aesthetics, speed, etc., including information about the intended use of the item(s) can help immensely in getting results that fit your needs.